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Organics Live Franchisee Forum FAQs

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Organics Live Franchisee Forum FAQs Empty Organics Live Franchisee Forum FAQs

Post by Admin Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:06 pm

Who can post in this forum? >> Any existing franchisee or corporate employee is welcome to participate. We love to hear from all stakeholders.

How do I start a new topic? >> Choose the category your topic falls under (Marketing, Administration, I.T., Customer Service, etc.) and check to see if your topic already exists. If it doesn't, start a new one. It's that easy!

How do I start a new category? >> If the existing categories don't cover what you want to see, PM the Admin or email and we'll discuss how best to address it.

What should I post about? >> Did you just finish a great event? Tell us about it. Learn a new trick on Facebook? Tell us about it. Struggling with professional partnerships? Ask for help. Anything you encounter in your daily course of business is welcomed conversation.

Can I complain? >> Yes, but keep things positive and constructive. Overly negative threads, and threads with no constructive purpose will be deleted.

I have another question >> PM the Admin, or email - we are happy to chat, and always available.


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